By Lesley Griffiths

MS for Wrexham

Some of the most vulnerable households in Wrexham will receive further help with soaring energy bills thanks to a new Welsh Government policy.

The £4m fuel voucher scheme will be of particular interest to people on a pre-payment meter or not connected to mains gas. Latest figures suggest people in Wrexham and North Wales with pre-payment meters have been the hardest hit in the UK by rising standing charges, with costs increasing by 102%.

The Welsh Government is working with the Fuel Bank Foundation to deliver the scheme. Vouchers will range from £30 in summer months to £49 in winter, with eligible households receiving up to three vouchers over a six-month period.

It was, unfortunately, rather telling the Social Justice Minister, Jane Hutt, launched the scheme during a visit to Wrexham Foodbank. There are now eight centres in the local area and although the team at the local Foodbank do an outstanding job, I would prefer there to be no need for foodbanks to exist in our society.

Arrangements for the voucher scheme are currently being put in place and I will share more information as soon as it is available. If you need support right now, the Welsh Government’s Discretionary Assistance Fund is also available to those facing financial hardship and can be accessed online.

With people in Wrexham among the most susceptible in the country to rising costs, I’m proud the Welsh Government is doing everything in its power to support people through the cost-of-living crisis. However, overall responsibility lies with the UK Government. Ministers in Westminster ultimately control the powers of tax and benefits and I would urge them to act and do more to help people struggling to make ends meet.

It was a pleasure to take part in this year’s Wrexham Walking Festival and to join the team for a walk around a sunny Erddig Country Park.

During the nine-day event, people of all ages and abilities were invited to enjoy a series of free walks exploring the picturesque surroundings of North East Wales.

Although the 2022 festival has reached its conclusion, organisers Walkabout Wrexham & District arrange walks throughout the year so if anyone is interested in finding out more information, please email:

If you’re a constituent in Wrexham and there is something I could help you with, please do not hesitate to contact me via email: or call 01978 355743.