By Sam Rowlands

MS for North Wales

It’s fantastic news that this month, Airbus have announced a further 6,000 jobs will be created globally, with 450-550 expected to come to the Broughton site in Flintshire.

This announcement comes following Airbus announcing that they will now be developing a new long range plane that would be more fuel efficient and reduce emissions. This will be a huge boost to the North Wales economy.

Across the whole of Wales, Airbus supports over 14,000 jobs through their own employment, indirect employment and induced employment with more than 6,500 of these jobs at the Airbus North Wales site in Flintshire.

Airbus pioneers sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world, helping to connect countries and communities across the globe. In addition to this, Airbus continue to contribute massively to the Welsh economy through sustainable, exciting and well-paid careers.

Further analysis has also shown that Airbus continue to publish higher than expected earnings, with the company confident that demand for travel will only increase, providing stability and longevity to those wanting a career with Airbus.

In addition to this, Airbus continues support those joining the job market and looking to find the right career for them, by offering training schemes, internships and apprenticeships. This is vitally important in ensuring those leaving school know all of the fantastic opportunities that are available to them.

I urge all of those looking for a change of career, a new job, or wanting to start off, to check the brilliant opportunities that are available with Airbus.

The success of Airbus truly shows the unique and fantastic opportunities that we have in North East Wales, and it’s crucial that that the Welsh Government works together with colleagues in the UK Government to attract this investment and opportunity, whilst setting the right environment for businesses in North Wales to flourish.

Please feel free to contact me by emailing or calling on 0300 200 7267.