By Lesley Griffiths

MS for Wrexham

Ken Skates MS and I received a positive update from the Welsh Government that confirmed a specialist clinic will be created in Wrexham to cut cancer waiting times and help early diagnosis.

The new Rapid Diagnosis Centre at the Wrexham Maelor Hospital will be one of three in North Wales and could help detect early signs of cancer before they develop further.

The introduction of RDCs is an important part of the national approach to improving cancer outcomes. RDCs provide GPs with an additional referral option when they suspect cancer, but the patient does not meet the criteria for a suspected cancer referral. These new clinics will investigate the often vague symptoms that may cause cancer and will help provide greater reassurance to patients.

I’m pleased Wrexham will have its own innovative centre that will ultimately ensure diagnosis will happen more quickly and treatments can start sooner. It will offer patients greater clarity, certainty and support during what will be a particularly overwhelming and stressful period of their lives.

One of Welsh Labour’s key manifesto pledges at last year’s Senedd election was to fund 100 additional PCSOs throughout the country to help tackle crime and make our neighbourhoods safer.

Costing an extra £3.7m, once in place, it would increase the total number of PCSOs funded by the Welsh Government to 600, with 121 based in North Wales.

The latest Welsh Government update has confirmed the majority of the 100 Police Community Support Officers are already in place and were so by the end of the 2021-22 financial year last month.

The Welsh Labour Government has funded an extra 500 PCSOs in Wales for over a decade, demonstrating its commitment to supporting safe and strong communities. This original decision was made to help mitigate the impact of UK Government austerity on policing budgets and has been maintained ever since. Having officers on the ground who know their communities is vitally important.

The addition of five new PCSOs to the local neighbourhood team in Wrexham is helping increase the visible police presence, providing greater reassurance to the general public.

We may have missed out on the league title but there is still an exciting couple of weeks ahead for Wrexham Association Football Club.

The outcome of the FA Trophy match will be decided by the time this column is published but promotion remains the ultimate goal and I wish Phil Parkinson and his team the very best of luck ahead of the playoffs. COYR!