By Mark Isherwood

MS for North Wales

Closing the Welsh Conservative Debate on the Economy, I referred to the billions of EU funding received by Welsh Governments supposed to close the prosperity gap within

Wales and between Wales and the rest of the UK, gaps which have instead become entrenched; to Welsh Tourism industry warnings that Welsh Government proposals will shut down many locally run tourism businesses; and to Wales having the lowest disposable income and lowest output per head amongst the UK Nations.

I said, “nothing will change unless Ministers in Cardiff Bay stop dictating policy and start working with businesses and industry leaders in genuine equal partnership to drive the sustainable change so desperately needed”.

Closing our Debate on Local Communities, I said “We need devolution as close to the people as possible, but the Welsh Government is instead grabbing power to Cardiff Bay. Empowering local people to take the lead on where they need homes, facilities and services should be developed, trusting local people”.

Questioning the Social Justice Minister following her Statement ‘Update on Ukraine’, I asked about the variation in the number of visas issued across local authorities in Wales, safeguarding issues, and access to local services for Ukrainian refugees.

I also called on her to do more to support and involve Third Sector organisations providing vital services across Wales, stating “I'm contacted weekly by Third Sector organisations battling to support people denied by Public Bodies the voice over their care and support that is their right”, and highlighting a Charity which supports disabled people across North Wales but receives no public funding, despite most of the over 100 new referrals they receive weekly coming from Public Bodies in North Wales.

Questioning the Counsel General, I highlighted the extra £135 million for legal aid annually and the extra £200 million annually to speed up the Courts system announced by the UK Government.

I attended the Hepatitis C Trust Senedd Drop-in Event, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales reception, Mission to Seafarers & Scouts Cymru Badge Launch, and Theatr Clwyd Guest Night at the Sherman Theatre, Cardiff, for their excellent comedy musical ‘Milky Peaks’.

As Chair of the Cross-Party Group for Funerals and Bereavement in the Welsh Parliament, I was honoured to open the National Association of Funeral Directors Annual Conference.

I also joined a Senedd Education Officer on a visit to the Trinity Fammau Scout Troop at the Church Hall in Gwernaffield, for a presentation about the Welsh Parliament.

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