By Sarah Atherton

MP for Wrexham

Last week, as Parliament was prorogued ahead of the Queen’s Opening of Parliament, I have been busy in the constituency working hard for my constituents, as Wrexham’s voice.

This week, I met with the Chief Executive and the Executive Director of Wrexham Football Club to keep the ball rolling on the Levelling Up Fund bid, which includes a large redevelopment of the historic Kop stand and to wish them luck at Wembley in a few weeks!

I went on a town walkabout to chat with small business owners and Wrexham residents, before popping into the Wrexham County Borough Museum for lunch and look round the exhibit with my team, before enjoying a team night out at Mecca Bingo! This week, after years of severe flooding in Darland Lane, Rossett, and countless visits and conversations with worried residents and Wrexham Council, I am pleased that the flood risk alleviation scheme has finally been administered to address this issue. I was pleased to be able to pop down to Darland Lane on early last week to chat to the workmen and relieved residents!

Today is the Queen’s Speech in Parliament which sets out Government’s agenda for the rest of the Parliamentary year. In such an important and celebratory year for the Monarch, it is great to see so much important legislation coming forward.

As part of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, the UK Government has commissioned a free book for all Primary school-age children across the United Kingdom to celebrate the achievements of our Monarch over the last 70 years.

The Welsh Government, which is responsible for education in Wales, has decided that primary pupils will NOT automatically receive this book, and schools need to ‘opt-in’. I am utterly disappointed that the Welsh Government has taken this stance, which making it unnecessarily difficult for schools and for children to receive the book in time for the Jubilee celebrations in June.

Last week, I wrote to all primary schools and Parent-Teacher Associations to notify them of the opt-in process which is now open and closes on Wednesday 11th May 2022. Visit my website to find out more:

Following my visit to the Erlas Victorian Walled Garden a few weeks ago, I made sure I saved the date for their open day. It was great to see so many people supporting this great charity, enjoying the green space which really is the ‘Lungs of Wrexham’. With the ever-continuing planning applications being submitted for areas all over Wrexham it is essential as the town grows we ensure green spaces are protected for our future, for enjoyment, recreation, and positive mental well-being.

In addition to this, I held a successful street surgery in Homesteads where residents were keen to chat about issues that are important to them, namely poor healthcare. Sadly, local health services continue to fail patients in Wrexham. I am pleased the Welsh Government in Cardiff, which is responsible for healthcare in Wales, acknowledged they must do better. Their recent announcement of increased funding of £1bn over the next Senedd term falls short of what is required now to meet the health needs in Wrexham. Check out my website for further details where you can see the letter I have written to the Welsh Government’s Health Minister asking how the recent announcement will benefit the people of Wrexham and the NHS workers.

As always, my health campaign continues, and if you have not done so already, please visit my website and sign my campaign to send the Welsh Government a message:

Finally, if you are resident in Wrexham and need my assistance with any local or national issue, please contact me by emailing