A TEENAGER has been handed a detention in a young offenders' institute after assaulting his mother and partner.

Jake Woodward of Tan y Felin in Greenfield, appeared at Caernarfon Crown Court for sentencing on Thursday.

The 19-year-old, who appeared via video link from HMP Berwyn, had previously admitted two counts of assault and one of possessing an offensive weapon - as well as breaching a suspended sentence.

Richard Edwards, prosecuting, told the court that at around 9pm on May 15th this year, residents in Tan y Felin were alerted to a commotion on the estate.

Woodward was seen in the back of a car shouting "it's all your fault" at his partner, Seren Hughes, who was trying to get into the vehicle.

He got out, continuing to shout, and pushed her before kicking the back of her legs.

One resident told him to calm down, but he was abusive in response, saying he was "going to get an axe."

A short time later, Woodward "rugby tackled" his partner to the ground and then knocked her down a second time.

He grabbed her by the throat and told her they were "over" and that he would "kill her."

Woodward's mother, Kelly Woodward, was in her home nearby.

She shouted to her son in an attempt to calm him, but he approached the property, jumped up and kicked a window closed - trapping her fingers.

The teenager entered his mother's home and came back out with a large kitchen knife before walking down the street with it.

He then went to the home of one of the residents who had tried to clam him earlier in the evening, where he headbutted and punched the window, gesturing for the woman to come out.

Woodward ran off into woodland and when arrested, threatened to kill a police dog at the scene.

When he was interviewed, he said he was "so drunk he couldn't remember anything other than being arrested."

Dafydd Roberts, defending, said: "I concede it has to be immediate custody. "I ask that he be given full credit and that the court takes into account his young age. "This is his first taste of custody."

Judge Timothy Petts told Woodward: "Even though you're not 20 years old, you have 20 offences on your record.

"During these most recent offences, you were clearly drunk. "Your behaviour was unpredictable and you scared people in the community. "And you carried on your behaviour even after you were arrested."

For the possession of a blade, the judge handed Woodward a 14 month sentence in a young offenders' institute.

He received four week concurrent sentences for each of the assaults, and an additional consecutive six months for breaching two active suspended sentences.

That makes a total of 20 months detention in a young offenders' institute.