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THE HOME WORKOUT HUB, across Flintshire

The pandemic brought about so many changes or new experiences to our lives.

Whether it was whipping up your debut banana bread or getting to grips with a family quiz via a video for the first time, everyone has been adapting.

One big subject throughout has been exercise. Many of those who love a good workout class or session at the gym found themselves looking for new ways to exercise.

Of course many let the physical aspect of their daily life slip, seeing the results on their waistline.

I probably ate more biscuits in the first lockdown than the previous year!

Now people are ready to take back control, but maybe not ready to head back to the gym, and that’s where this week’s business comes in.

The shift in attitude to our lives - in particular the rise of working from home - and the part exercise plays in it, has helped shaped Adam Robinson’s new venture.

Adam, who has his own inspirational health journey, launched The Home Workout Hub (THWH) almost three months ago, after seeing how responsive his clients had been to sessions from home over the course of the pandemic.

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He explains: “It was proving really convenient for them, your garden or home can become your gym.

“Clients like feeling less rushed, it suits some that it can be more laid back, more comfortable.

“THWH provides an at-home personal training service with a fully qualified personal trainer.

“All of our programmes are tailored to the client’s goals.

“Equipment provided by THWH can include barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, bench with rack, mats, boxing equipment, and more.

“This method of training is perfect for families, couples, and people who like to train in the privacy of their own home.”

This style of working out allows Adam to get to know people on a more individual level and he takes pride in the trust that it builds - being allowed into someone’s home and becoming part of their life.

It’s a very personal experience, and each client is different, with Adam adding: “I know everything about their bodies, how they move, where injuries are. You learn about people.”

It’s a testament to Adam that many of his clients have worked with him before, and he’s rightly thrilled.

The Leader: Training set-up from a client's garage.Training set-up from a client's garage.

The 33-year-old said: “Considering the short amount of time that THWH has been in action, I'm incredibly proud of the speed at which it has taken off.

“My client base is expanding every week and I also have many clients who have now taken up working with THWH who I previously worked with in the gym.

“It's a great feeling having loyal clients who trust you to get them to where they want to be regarding their health and fitness.

“THWH is currently run by myself. I'm a fully qualified and experienced personal trainer with further qualifications in nutrition and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming).

“I take a full holistic approach to training sessions with key areas being weight loss, toning, and general fitness.”

It’s through his rapport with his clients, the one-to-one element, that helps them stick to their tailored workouts.

Adam explains that many have said they would have given up by now if it wasn’t for knowing he was turning up each week.

He adds: “It gives them more accountability, then three, six months down the line, they can’t believe where they’ve got to.”

What about Adam? I ask how he feels about this new way of working.

“I absolutely love doing the home sessions, I don’t think I’d do anything else now.

“Every day, every session is so different. I like the variety, being able to work outside.

“The benefits of being outside are huge too.”

The Leader: The Home Workout HubThe Home Workout Hub

We talk about how the pandemic has altered people’s approach to exercising.

Adam said: “I think now as we’re coming out of the restrictions more, and getting a bit more social again, people are looking to start something.

“And usually at this time of year people are looking to make improvements to themselves, and it’s a good way to get back some routine.”

But he doesn’t want exercise to be a brief one-off for people and one of his main priorities is making it sustainable long term.

“As a personal trainer I’m very passionate about what I do and I want people stay healthy, I don’t just want it to be a bit of a fad.

“It should become a priority every week, just like brushing your teeth.”

The Home Workout Hub

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