A Flintshire farmer has been left feeling drained following a long battle against the council's sewerage services.

Simon Williams, owner of Cae Llys farm, Northop Hall, said he has had enough of Flintshire council doing nothing about "big and dangerous" puddle causing havoc on the public Bryn Gwyn lane, near his field.

He said: "I have been complaining to them for three weeks now and they haven't bothered to come and look at it. I know it shouldn't be a top priority with all this weather but three weeks is too long.

"There aren't even any signs warning people about the flooding and a lot of bikes and walkers pass through this public lane.

"People have been moaning at me saying I should clear it, but it's not my land. It is flooding into my field, but my main concern is the potholes in the road under the water.

"The sad thing is, on a nice day, a lot of families come walking through in their wellies. It's not just an isolated little farm track, it links to the large estate in Northop Hall. There are massive holes in the floor and it's very dangerous for people to walk through. You can't see the potholes under 6 inches of water.

"The council need shaking up to fix this. Perhaps we need to raise funds for the council to fix it because they might just wait until the new financial year."

According to Mr Williams, the flooding is due to a filled drain which the council have also not seen to emptying since last year.

This is not the first time Mr Williams has had issues with the gully, as last year it took the council "over a month" to get it sorted at Bryn Gwyn lane.

He said: "I could get it fixed myself tomorrow if I sent on the bill to them. It is a public lane and it can't go on any longer."

Flintshire council were approached for comment last week but have not responded.