A DELIVERY driver and part time children’s rugby coach found himself in financial trouble – so he helped himself to £3,000 worth of watches from the depot where he worked.

At Flintshire Magistrates’ Court at Mold, defendant Raja Shane Kahn, 40, of Cefn-y-Nant, Wrexham, admitted stealing the watches from the UPS depot on Deeside Industrial Park on November 17 last year.

He was given a suspended prison sentence.

Prosecutor Justin Espie said the watches arrived at the UPS depot in two separate parcels but they never got delivered.

CCTV was checked and the parcels were seen being taken off a conveyor belt by Kahn and put into his van.

When questioned he denied putting them in the van but admitted what he had done after being shown the CCTV.

The father of two told police he had been struggling with debt and had sold the watches to someone at a gym for £800.

Brian Cross, defending, said it was not a sophisticated theft and Kahn had taken the watches because of his “severe financial circumstances.”

He was extremely remorseful and had pleaded guilty at the very first opportunity.

The defendant realised the serious position he had placed himself in and apologised for his behaviour.

He was married with two children in their teens and he was an extremely hard worker.

The defendant had always worked and despite the offence he had got another job and he had been working for a new employer for six weeks.

Through no fault of his own he had got himself into a civil debt with further collection fees.

Bailiffs come to the property, he felt totally isolated and foolishly committed the offence.

He knows it was wrong and accepts full responsibility for what he has done,” said Mr Cross.

There was another side to him and Mr Cross handed in a reference from Wrexham Rugby Club where the defendant was a children’s rugby coach three times a week.

The children adored him, said Mr Cross.

Magistrates’ were told that he had a civil debt of £5,600 and it went up to more than £7,700 after his debt was taken over for collection.

His wife had been unaware of the financial situation until the police came to the house.

Magistrates said that it was a breach of trust against his employers when he thought he had got away with the theft of watches to the value of £3,000.

It crossed the custody threshold, they would impose a prison sentence of 26 weeks, but in the circumstances it would be suspended for two years.

Kahn was placed on ten days rehabilitation and in view of his financial circumstances he was ordered to pay £800 towards the compensation bill.

He was warned that if he breached the order then he would be returned to court and should “bring his toothbrush”.