A FLINTSHIRE town is buzzing about a decision to "bee friendly" as part of a new government initiative.

Holywell Town Council is putting plans in place to help protect our struggling pollinators.

Following a decline in bee and pollinator health populations in the UK, the council believe it is their duty to back this Welsh Government plan in the local area.

The new initiative will be delegated within the town council to the Wales in Bloom sub-committee, dedicated to improving the local environment in conjunction with the Royal Horticultural Society’s ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ Campaign in Wales.

Following a successful summer, with flowery renovations budding across Holywell's Tower Gardens and in the hanging baskets along the high street, Cllr Ted Palmer, who chairs the sub-committee, believes this venture is a fantastic opportunity to improve the environment on another level.

He said: "The Wales in Bloom criteria is not just about flowers and plants.

"It is about eco-systems and the environment as a whole and includes everything about the local area.

"The 'Bee Friendly' scheme is a very good thing, and it is a positive way forward for the town council. It is a part of the eco-system that we all need to help with."

The venture also hopes to be an accreditation scheme, where villages adopting successful projects can formally deem themselves as 'bee friendly,' much like the 'Fairtrade Town' idea.

Terry Howe, volunteer at Cardiff-based charity Friends of the Earth, approached the council earlier this year and is glad the town council is backing the initiative.

Mr Howe said: "Pollinators are an essential part of our environment. Honeybees are the main managed pollinator of crops and also provide a crop themselves.

"Wild pollinators, which include bumblebees and butterflies, are also important pollinators for crops like fruit and oil seed rape, for clovers, which help to improve pastures for livestock grazing and wild flowers.

"They contribute to the diversity of plant species, habitats, and wildlife. This provides food, makes Wales a better place for people to enjoy and visit."

The Bee Friendly scheme will be looked at in detail by the sub-committee, who will hone in on four crucial areas: providing pollinator-friendly food sources in the area; providing places for insect pollinators to live; committing to avoid chemicals that harm pollinators; and creating a fun way for the whole community to become involved.

Some organisations who have already gained Bee Friendly Accreditation include Cardiff and Vale Health Board, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Conwy County Council, Pontyclun Community Council and Chapter Arts Centre, in Cardiff.

Holywell Town Council is looking to take a leaf out of Pontyclun's buzzing book and look at how it can identify a number of areas to introduce sources for food and nesting and reaching out to local schools for help