COUNCILLORS and residents have been forced to accept the loss of a town banking service.

NatWest have withdrawn their mobile bank service from Buckley town centre, due to lack of use.

At this month's town council meeting, Cllr Vivienne Blondek said she was disappointed by the decision and felt it had not been promoted well enough.

She said: "I did say to them at the time to get adverts out to let people know.

"It's a shame its going, people didn't know it was there. I'd like to go back to NatWest to ask them to have a look at it."

Town council clerk, Martin Wright said that when it first opened, it was well used.

He said: "It has been here for two-and-a-half years and the town council did offer them free parking here.

"It was well used to begin with but the numbers dropped off."