A HOUSING development plan looks set to be given the green light.

Proposals for four new detached homes on land at Alltami Road, Alltami, will go in front of Flintshire Council's planning committee tomorrow (DEL - Tuesday).

If passed, the new homes would be added to an existing 24 home development.

It is proposed to build detached dwellings with garages and parking. Access would be from the existing spine road to the south of the turning head with a private drive arrangement.

The dwellings are a three bedroom Porthmadog with integral garage, a four bedroom Dolwen with integral garage and two four bedroom Cardigan house types with detached garages

In a report to members, planning officer Emma Hancock says the development would be acceptable subject to a S106 agreement, which covers money to be paid for open space, education and ecological land mitigation management.

The development of this land for four dwellings will see an additional £1,100 per unit which would be towards improving community playing field surface located adjacent to Cheshire Lane, Elfed High School, Buckley.

But the plans have met with objections.

Buckley Mountain County Councillor Carol Ellis has requested the planning committee undertake a site visit before they make a decision.

This is due to the potential for additional traffic on Alltami Road, the potential for overlooking of other homes and the loss of green space as well as overall "over-development".

Buckley Town Council has also raised objections as the total of number of houses at the site would be 28. Had the original application for that site been for 28 homes, then 30 per cent of them would have had to be affordable housing.

The town council feels the developer is trying to "get around planning policies" and are unhappy there will be 24 four bedroom properties at the site.

The site is adjacent to a depot where fuels and other potential sources of contamination are/ have been present.

It is also adjacent to an area of land which, when assessed before it was itself developed, had been used to dispose wastes historically in discrete areas within that site.

The waste deposits are unrecorded and may be present within the subject site. The site is also within an area where coal was mined in the past and workings may be present within or very close to the subject site.

It has been advised that a pre-commencement land contamination assessment should be undertaken.