A FESTIVE market is likely to be given another chance this year - despite being branded a disaster by councillors who backed it.

Mold's first-ever festive market, which was supported by the town council, was heavily criticised by members at their meeting when discussing whether it should return this year.

Town centre manager Dave Hill presented a report to members with feedback about the event, which was held in the Meadow Place car park at the end of November and early December.

In the report, Nigel Rose of Celtic Fayres, the organiser, listed a number of improvements they would be looking to make but despite making "a disastrous financial return" was keen to put the event on again this year.

The event was also not helped by poor weather, and the town council's community, development and regeneration committee had already met and proposed the event be given another chance.

But despite this, some councillors said they were appalled by the lack of quality on offer and suggested scrapping it.

Cllr Gareth Williams said he was in favour of having some kind of festive market, but it would have to be with a different organiser.

He added: "I pushed for this but it was not even close to what I thought it would be. It was a severe let-down.

"Sometimes it just does not work. I could not possibly support it again.

"It was the first event I've ever been embarrassed to be associated with as a council."

Cllr Geoff Collett added: "It just didn't deliver."

His views were echoed by Cllr Andrea Mearns, who said: "It was not of the right quality for Mold, and it could have an impact on our other events if people are so disappointed by it.

"It is not to do with the idea itself but the operation of it. Posters advertised activities which were not delivered and I have never had so many complaints during my time on the council as I had about this event."

Cllr Robin Guest said it reminded him of the 'winter wonderland' events "you always hear about in the run-up to Christmas", which are a big disappointment.

He added that he felt the location did not help, but that it was an "insurmountable problem", as there was nowhere else suitable.

Despite their reservations, members voted to give the event another chance, with town centre manager Dave Hill agreeing to take their concerns back to the operator.