SEVERAL viewers who watched the Welcome to Wrexham finale this week were left 'in tears' by the 'passionate' fan in the opening segment.

The final episode of season two; 'Up the Town?' aired on Disney Plus on Wednesday (November 15).

It showcased the club's historic National League title-winning match against Boreham Wood, which the Reds won 3-1.

It also showed the incredible bus parade to celebrate that achievement, which attracted an incredible 40,000 people to Wrexham.

But, one of the standout moments for a lot of viewers it seems was when a lifelong fan of the club gave an emotional speech ahead of that game to the documentary crew.

Several Wrexham fans have since taken to social media - and got in touch with the Leader - to say they were 'left in tears' and 'blown away' by the man's passion for the club.

Speaking on the episode, the visibly emotional man said: "This game is so much, you won't believe it. We've got worldwide now, but I'm telling you now, this game is like, so big, you wouldn't believe. Come on Wrexham, come on we can do this!"

Sadly, the man wasn't named in the episode - but, the Leader has managed to track him down.

His name is Paul Davies and he is from Wrexham and has been following the club all his life.

Known locally as 'Magic', his first memory of watching Wrexham dates back to 1965, when he was just a five-years-old, stood on the Kop alongside his father, witnessing a 3-3 draw v Barrow unfold.

Now 63, Mr Davies spoke to the Leader this week about his appearance on the documentary.

He said: "Appearing in the documentary was random. I was just on my way to take my seat and got talking to a film crew - only the last bit is on the documentary. In all honesty, I've not had the chance to watch it yet myself!

"Fifteen years of non league was hard but we stuck there. The passion shown by me represents all the fans, it was an emotional day before the game started, but I was even worse after."

The Leader: PIC: Paul 'Magic' Davies was praised by Wrexham fans for his passion shown in the Welcome to Wrexham documentary.

Mr Davies added: "We’ve had to suffer extinction due to bad owners but we saw them off. There are people who travel and have done for years, the likes of Andy Truss and Mark Challoner et al, far many more, and I take my hat off to them, total respect.

"Rob and Ryan have done wonders for the club and town. Wayne at The Turf who was a glass collector when I first met him as a 15-year-old, what he does I have total respect for and he's a top man.

"Declan Swans who I’ve known for years again have promoted the town as working class lads. Lastly, respect has to go to my friends and fellow supporters who have sadly passed away and can no longer see the journey we are on. God Bless."


Re-calling some of his favourite Wrexham memories from down the years, he added: "We used to go Wrexham social club after matches, where the players used to call in for a pint, meeting the likes of Eddie May.

"Some of my favourite memories, there are many, were promotion to the old Division two (now EFL Championship), the European games and many FA Cup upsets.

"Promotion last season was also unreal and we got pushed all the way by Notts County - any other season we would have had that sown up well before."

Talking about the hopes for this season, Mr Davies said: "Pre-season, I would have accepted top half, however how we’ve performed so far, anything less than play off's would be a failure. Top three is very realistic as we stand."