A CEFN-Mawr-based artist has impressed local residents with his artwork on social media.

Jonny Garrett, 33, from Cefn Mawr, Wrexham, has always had an interest in art since he was taught by his Grandad, Elwyn, who was an amateur landscape oil painter.

Art quickly became the only thing Jonny enjoyed and was praised for throughout his time at school. He went on to achieve a National Diploma in Art & Design at Yale College and then obtained a degree from Glyndwr University in BA (Hons) Design communication, with an illustration specialism.

The Leader:

Jonny's portraits are all of famous faces, mainly singers, actors, artists and sportspeople. From Marilyn Monroe and Amy Winehouse to Elvis, Jonny used oil and acrylic paint in both colour and black and white to achieve his masterpieces.

His largest creation is a 3ft tall close-up portrait of Mike Tyson which took approximately 73 hours of work across six-weeks.

Jonny said: "When the pandemic and lockdown hit in 2020 I decided to finally have a go to pass the time and take my mind off everything that was going on - basically teaching myself by watching hours and hours of painting tutorial videos online. I have now amassed almost 20 paintings in the last couple of years since."

The Leader:

Jonny said: "It goes to show what a bit of self-belief, perseverance, real trial and error and about 20 gallons of coffee can do. 

"Without a doubt the most difficult but rewarding bit of “art” I’ve ever done. Really proud of this one.

"I’ve documented all of my paintings from the very beginning on my Instagram art page, showing them go from the initial sketch step by step to the final finished pieces, which has now almost hit 11,000 followers in a few short years which is just unbelievable.


"I wish I’d have started much sooner and would love to one day achieve my main goal of getting my work in a gallery or exhibition if I’m good enough."

A J Brown Tony on Facebook said: "You would be an excellent tattoo artist, keep up the good work!"

Beth Burke said: "This lad is amazing at dog portraits too. Me and my mum have several ones over 10 pieces done and each one is amazing. Highly recommend."

Others asked if he sold his work while many praised his talent and dedication.