WREXHAM'S Member of the Senedd (MS) says she is 'pleased' that the Welsh Government will work with the council to 'study alternatives' to the scrapped A483 upgrade plan.

On Tuesday, February 14, the future of more than 50 road improvement projects became clear after the delayed review commissioned by the Welsh Government was published.

The projects had been paused by the deputy minister for climate change, Lee Waters, when he set up the Welsh Roads Review Panel led by transport expert Dr Lynn Sloman in September 2021 to examine the case for continuing with them.

It was confirmed that improvements to the A483 around Wrexham will be scrapped and a review will be set up to consider an "exemplar" project to reduce car usage.

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The Welsh Government says it will work with Wrexham Council to 'develop multi-modal improvements' in the area.

These will include 'feasibility and investigation of creating an exemplar multi-modal residential and employment development with lower levels of car use, aligned to the future road building tests'. 

Wrexham MS Lesley Griffiths says that, although she recognises 'there will be frustration' over the decision, she is 'pleased' that the Welsh Government will be studying 'alternatives'.

She said: "The Roads Review is a thorough report that focuses on a complex issue, balancing the need to reduce carbon emissions with investing in our roads, in addition to funding alternative public transport schemes that improve rail, bus and cycling networks.

"The fact the Welsh Government’s capital budget will be 8% lower in 2024-25 in real terms because of the last UK Government budget has not helped matters.

"I recognise there will be frustration but it is acknowledged there is a transport problem surrounding the A483. I am pleased the Welsh Government has indicated it will work with Wrexham Council to study alternatives and identify solutions that could lead to future investment, and I will do all I can to assist the process.”

The Leader:

PIC: The A483 in Wrexham.

A spokesperson for Wrexham Council added that they would be writing to the Welsh Government to seek clarification over the 'wording' in the plan following the announcement. 

They said: "We are writing to Welsh Government ministers to understand the wording in the transport delivery plan and our aim is to ensure the project included in this plan is fully funded by Welsh Government and delivered within the time frame of the plan.”