More than 10,000 subscribers have signed up to the free community messaging system launched by North Wales Police just over 12 months ago.

The North Wales Community Alerts system was the first in Wales to be set up thanks to funding from the Home Office Safer Streets Fund,

The system means residents can find information about recent incidents and crime prevention advice relevant to their local area.

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It is quick and simple to sign up and is a free messaging service for people who live and work in North Wales to help communities to stay informed and up to date with news, alerts, appeals, engagement events and general policing activities from their local policing teams.

Inspector Wes Williams of North Wales Police said: “To mark this milestone we want to say a big thank you to everyone who has subscribed for their continued support, because without them we would not be able to deliver an effective service to our communities.

“Keeping everyone safe will continue to be our priority. We want to continue to work tirelessly with our partners to tackle issues that are having the greatest impact on communities.

“Every new member is a new voice and extra set of eyes and ears within our communities that we can engage with and for us to share localised alerts to keep everyone updated with what is going on.

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“Keeping communities informed about local trends, concerns and good news stories will go some way to put interventions in place and prevent things from happening. What makes the system so useful is that individuals can choose what information they would like to receive from us and how they would like to receive it whether by email, text or voice message - so they don't even need an internet connection - the choice is in their hands.

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“North Wales Community Alert isn’t just a broadcast channel, where it is just us telling you. It is a two-way messaging system so that we have an additional route to listen to what our communities have to say.”

For more information and to register for the North Wales Community Alert click here: