Two local members of Senedd have demanded action from the UK government and energy regulator OFGEM in the cost-of-living crisis.

Carolyn Thomas MS and Jack Sargeant MS have made comments after OFGEMS announcement that consumers can expect more regular price rises in the coming year.

 International Monetary Fund data released recently states that in the whole of Europe only Estonia is doing a worse job than the UK in protecting the poorest from the rises.

Bills in North East Wales, like the rest of the country, are rocketing.

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Industry experts Cornwall Insight have said the typical household was likely to pay £3,358 a year from October, then £3,615 a year from January.

OFGEM is the UK Government appointed energy regulator for the energy sector and all the leavers to regulate the sector sit with the UK Government. 

Jack and Carolyn say they are also disappointed in the failure of influential north Wales Tories to even mention the energy crisis.

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The OFGEM announcement followed news that petrol retailers were not passing falls in global oil prices to north Wales consumers.  Thus far the UK Government has said nothing about how it will act to make this happen. 

The two MS want to see an end to tax breaks for oil and gas firms that are currently raking in record profits. Labour argued for months for a windfall tax on these companies to help bring bills down, but when the Tories finally U-turned, they decided to hand billions of pounds back to producers in tax break.

They also support Labour calls for significant investment in homegrown green power now.  This would bring down bills and end the reliance on fossil fuel producing countries who are often in unstable regions. 

Carolyn Thomas said: “We are currently witnessing the grotesque spectacle of North Wales Tories showering support on leadership candidates, presumably with the hopes of personal advancement, without a single call for more action on energy prices. 

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“Not a single criticism can be found of two candidates who have been senior cabinet members in the country with the second worst record in Europe for handling the energy crisis.  They are supposed to represent North Wales, not offer unconditioned praise to people who have done nothing for our area.  It’s the usual spectacle of talking about anything but the biggest policy issue facing our country.”

Jack Sargeant added: “The Tories convinced people to vote for them in these communities by promising to level up less than three years ago.  We know have record food bank usage, complete failure on energy policy and no solutions offered.

“I have been campaigning for some time now for the UK Government to fund the manufacture of renewable energy infrastructure in Deeside. This infrastructure would help reduce bills and provide thousands of well-paid jobs in the area. Instead, North Wales Tories continue to talk about anything but energy policy.”