Wrexham Lager has announced that they have completed their largest ever Asian Export deal as the brand continues to grow globally.

Nearly 45,000 bottles of Wrexham Export have arrived in South Korea, complete with a one-off label.

Wrexham Lager said that its long history was a factor in the deal, having been brewed for around 140 years and was even enjoyed aboard the SS Titanic.

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The brand has faced a revival under the Roberts family, who are the current owners, after the brewery closed in 2002 and is going from strength to strength.

The Export Lager has even been dubbed “best beer from the UK” at the Frankfurt International Trophy.

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The brand is also expanding, with the most recent addition to the brewery, the ‘Club Pilsener’ now available at CarniBoar Steak House in Wrexham, the Fat Boar in Wrexham, and Mold, and the Hill Street Social Club in Wrexham. It will also be made available online and in-store.

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Wrexham Lager made the announcement on the deal in South Korea on Twitter.


One of the Tweets said: “‘MyBeer’, who were fascinated by Wrexham Lagers history, fell for the Club Pilsener brand so much they asked for a one off Export label on the bottle!

“The towns name is growing all over!

“And we’re proud to know South Koreans will now be enjoying WREXHAM LAGER!"

On the deal, Vaughan Roberts of Wrexham Lager said: "Very proud that countries from all over are noticing our beer and brand. After winning the Frankfurt gold for best bottled beer from the UK, we have received a few different enquiries and hope to announce more soon. Wherever the support is coming from, we are always grateful."

Wrexham Lager can be found online at https://www.wrexhamlager.co.uk/ and also at their brewery at 42 St George’s Crescent, Wrexham LL13 8DB