AN MP says he is 'delighted' that a drainage issue in Flintshire - said to have caused residents to become trapped in their homes - has now been resolved.

Delyn MP Rob Roberts says he first reported the issue on Derby Terrace in Greenfield to Flintshire Council 'around 20 months ago'.

He says that, over the years, the drains had become blocked outside and when there was heavy rain there would be 'huge collections of surface water and lakes' forming because of the camber of the road.

There was nowhere for the water to go and it had become an issue for residents living there who couldn't get out of their front doors at times because of it.

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Now though, it seems the issue has been resolved after the drains were cleared and a tree was found to be growing within it.

Rob Roberts MP said: "It’s taken about 20 months since I first raised it, but the residents of Derby Terrace in Greenfield no longer have to worry about not being able to get out of their front doors every time it rains.

"Really delighted that after a lot of chasing and requests, the work has been completed, the drains cleared and the road resurfaced to make sure the issue didn’t reoccur.

"Sometimes things take a while to do, but we get there in the end!

The Leader:

"And for those wondering - the drain was full of a tree. Amazing as it sounds, the guys in the picture (shown above) were showing me photos on their phone of what they found when they accessed the drain.

"It seems that some tree roots had got through a crack in the pop years ago, and literally a whole tree had grown in the pipe, blocking it entirely for about 20 metres. Never seen anything like it."