WREXHAM residents are being warned of 'scam' notices being posted to their local Facebook community groups.

Often times, social media can be full of fake accounts attempting to fool other users.

Wrexham-based North Wales Police Inspector Luke Hughes says he has been made aware of 'nonsense' circulating on social media of late.

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He added: "Please take whatever you read on Social media with a large dose of scepticism. It is littered with many people some real and some not, who will tell you all manner of rubbish for a variety of objectives, none of which will ultimately benefit you in any way."

Inspector Hughes has recently started sharing daily updates to social media to help highlight what officers deal with in Wrexham from day-to-day.

He saidL "One of the main reasons I started my daily update is to tell you the reality of what is happening in your area."


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PIC: Here are just two examples of 'scam' posts on Wrexham community groups. Picture by North Wales Police.

Above are just two examples of scam posts published on the 'Items for sale in Wrexham' Facebook group.

One claims that a man with a Canadian accent will attack someone if they do not give him money and another fake reports states that another two people claim to be homeless and in the area.

inspector Hughes added: "Block the user, remove them from your forum and generally ignore their nonsense."