THERE have been no 'significant issues' for police in Wrexham to deal with over the last 24 hours - but the 'rowdy' wedding guests from the night before kept them busy again.

That is according to Inspector Luke Hughes, who has recently been providing daily updates on what officers deal with in the area.

He said that, on Wednesday August 3, police 'did not need to call for support from outside the areas and no wigs, heels,  false nails or punches thrown about in the same fashion as the night before'.

That referred to fights at a wedding they dealt with a day earlier - an incident labelled 'embarrassing' by Inspector Hughes.

He said: "Having reviewed the disorder incident a little more it’s the young 'ladies' present that conduct themselves far worse than the gentlemen, very sad."

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Here is what officers dealt with on Wednesday, August 3 where 'no overnight arrests' were made on a much quieter day for officers in Wrexham.

At 10.30am, a report came in of two suspicious characters in the area of Solva Close. They were looking at properties and into a vehicles. 

Officers attended and conducted an area search, no one was located but the area will be monitored with passing patrols according to Inspector Hughes.

At 11am, a report came in of street drinking taking place in the area of Meifod Place. Neighbourhood Policing Team were briefed and will now pay passing attention to the location.


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PIC: Wednesday was a quieter day than usual for Wrexham police - but the wedding guests fro night before kept them busy again.

At 1.45pm, officers assisted with an air ambulance landing on Ruthin Road.

At 1.49pm, they found some of the wedding guests from the day/night before still partying following a report of 'rowdy drinking'. Inspector Hughes said: "Officers attended and encouraged them to conclude the celebrations."

At 4.18pm, police received a report of a dog-related incident in Acton Park. A young child had been walking her dog when another dog reportedly set upon hers and caused her scratches whilst she has tried to defend her own animal.

Inspector Hughes said: "Dog owner could not be seen and no obvious attempt to control their animal. Officer will follow up, but please be considerate to other members of the public and control your animals appropriately."

Between 7pm and 10pm, the wedding guests re-surfaced, resulting in a 'few incidents' on Abbott Street.

Inspector Hughes said: "They continued to conduct themselves anti socially, again the ladies are the worst behaved."