Wrexham workers are being offered free workspace as part of International Coworking Day which celebrates sharing space with different companies.

Wrexham Enterprise Hub on Rhosddu Road is offering free workspace for the day on August 9 to anyone who wants to explore a closer to - but not at - home working option.

Coworking is the term given to a way of working where people from different companies, backgrounds and perspectives choose to work from a shared space.

Along with helping save costs in office rent and utility bills, coworking spaces act as community builders, where people naturally form friendships and working relationships by sharing challenges and successes together.

It’s thought that this way of working could play a crucial part in helping unlock local economies.

as if people are able to work from a shared space closer to home, they are more likely to spend money with local businesses, in their own communities.

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Paul Hughes and Kevin Jones have lived in Wrexham all their lives. After working in the aerospace industry together for over 20 years, they decided to set up KP Courier Services, and base themselves out of the Wrexham Enterprise Hub.

Paul said: “Working from the coworking space has been invaluable for our business. It’s the support structures that you don’t get working from home or in an office on your own. For example, if we ever have any ideas or questions, we can just put it to the floor. We’ve got accountants here, web builders, media people. There are so many specialists here working on their own business and they are always happy to tell us what they think, or give us a hand with an issue.

“We’re also working now with other people in the hub - our website is designed by someone else who is based here there’s an integration and communication. It’s also about having fun within the environment that you're working in. It’s professional, but we have a chat and there is an ease about being here.”

Wrexham Enterprise Hub is run by coworking and small business experts, Town Square Spaces Ltd (TownSq) on behalf of Business Wales.

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Pete Rogers, Community Manager for Wrexham Enterprise Hub, said: “As more people and organisations embrace a hybrid working model, it's becoming clear that flexibility is key. Working from home is great, but you lose a lot of the benefits of working with other people. Similarly, commuting to an office takes away a lot of freedom and work/life balance that people are starting to prize.

“There are practical benefits to working this way too. With fuel and home energy costs rising, people are seeking ways to mitigate the costs of living. We believe that coworking has a big part to play in solving these challenges. As well as the benefits of working with others, such as natural networking, collaboration and mutual idea and problem-solving, workers can also ditch the commute and home energy costs by working from a local, shared space.

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“International Coworking Day is a perfect way for local people to try out this way of working, and we’d encourage anyone thinking of giving it a go, to come along and try it for free.”

For more information or to book your free workspace for the day, you can email pete@thetownsquare.co.uk or call 0300 060 3000.