Police in North Flintshire are tackling off-road bike racing in Connah’s Quay and Shotton after a number of complaints were raised over the weekend.

The police issued a statement on social media, where they have asked the public to provide any information they might have on the problem.

A spokesperson said: “We have received a large number of complaints this weekend about numerous off road bikes racing through Connah's Quay and Shotton.

"It is an offence under the Road Traffic Act 1988 to ride an off-road motorcycle on a road that does not comply to the Construction and Use Regulations 1986. 

"The rider must have a valid licence, have valid insurance, number plates, MOT, tax and suitable equipment including a helmet. It is also an offence to use a vehicle on any public place such as parks and footpaths.

“Although the users like to think we won't give chase we will catch up with you! Officers have images and footage of offenders and will work with local partner authorities to identify those persons who are putting innocent drivers and members of the public at risk. 

"With the right information officers have numerous powers and provisions to tackle this issue. You can have your bikes seized and destroyed!!

“If you wish to report any matter in relation to this you can private message, contact 101 or report anonymously through Crimestoppers.”