A tribute has been paid to a 'one of a kind' dad from North Wales who died suddenly last month. 

Greg Davies, 36, travelled from his home in Flintshire with partner Caitlin Turner, to Scotland for her father's wedding on Saturday, July 23. 

While staying at a guest house near Fife, Greg passed away in the early hours of the Saturday morning, despite the best efforts of Caitlin and emergency services. 

Ms Turner, 27, has paid tribute to her partner who she described as 'one of a kind'. 

The Leader: Greg Davies and Caitlin TurnerGreg Davies and Caitlin Turner

She said: "He was just full of life and always bounced about the place. He had the biggest heart and nothing would be too much for him.

"You always saw him with a smile on his face, a smile I’ll never forget.

"His friends would describe him as family. He would go above and beyond to be there for them all, even if he wasn’t having the best day he would still be there for them. He has the biggest heart of gold.

"Greg was the most caring and supportive partner I could ask for. He brought me out of a dark place and showed me how to love life again. He put the smile back on my face and did everything to make me happy."

Greg had a daughter, named Daisy, who Ms Turner said was her partner's 'world'.

She added: "He was a devoted dad to his daughter, she was his world and he would do anything to protect her. They had such a special bond that was unbreakable. 

"Greg always described himself as a good bad lad to me and that I will always remember. He proved this to me time and time again.

"The last conversation we had I’ll cherish forever, it was the warmest, kindest conversation we ever had. I knew how much he loved me and I know he was proud of me.


"I will continue to make him proud. He will always be my 'Speci'."

Gary Joy, the landlord, and owner of the White Lion pub in Buckley was a close friend of Greg's and is holding an event this weekend to remember him.

The pub is holding a family fun day on Saturday (August 6) and all money raised from the event will be going to Caitlin and Daisy. 

Gary said: "Greg was a well-known character around Buckley, a local celebrity if you like because he was known by everyone. 

"He was full of joy and one of the happiest people you'll ever meet. He could always put a smile on your face and was always cheering people up.

"It's left a lot of people shocked and in grief."

The event this weekend starts at 12pm and has plenty on offer for all ages. 

Throughout the day there will be a host of children's entertainment, including a bouncy castle.

As the event goes into the night there will be a band on as well as a number of DJs. 

Gary added: "It's a big family day. The daytime is more family related and it will go into the night as well. Everyone is doing it for free as well which is great. 

"We'll be trying to raise money on the day as well, with bucket collections and raffles. 

"We're still hoping to get a few more donations, we've had lots of local businesses and friends donating money and gifts, and hopefully we can get a few more."

For more information about the fun day visit - https://www.facebook.com/events/425032802728506/?ref=newsfeed 

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with the cost of the funeral. To donate, visit here