SUDDEN deaths and thieves were amongst things dealt with by Wrexham police over the last day.

A breakdown of incidents North Wales Police's Wrexham City team dealt with on Thursday and Friday is as follows:

Thursday (July 28):

9.49am – report of a suspicious white van potentially linked to used cooking oil thefts. Inspector Hughes said: "As I said only yesterday - a national problem. Can I ask all local businesses to secure such oil and only give directly to contractors rather than leaving it outside.

10.28am – report that a male had entered a shop outside of the city centre and staff noted a “deposit” roll down his trouser leg which was left in store. Inspector Hughes said: "Accident or deliberate? Don’t eat any stray Maltesers until we sort this one out…"

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10.53am – Officers attend the sudden death of an elderly male. No suspicious circumstances.

11.26am– Report of theft from local builders merchant. The matter was caught on CCTV, inquiries are ongoing and suspect vehicle's details are known to police. Inspector Hughes said: "If you are reading this go back and pay please and we will discuss as to how to progress with the company."

2.08pm – Man arrested having been recalled to prison.

3.38pm – Report of antisocial use of motorbike in Caia Park – details obtained and officers will attend to intercept when next in the area.

3.45pm – Report of missing 5-year-old child – urgent response, all officers make to the area – child is thankfully located safe and well.

6.03pm – Protein powder stolen from shop – suspect detained.

7.04pm – report of children on the old Groves School roof – officers attend but no one is located.

Friday (July 29):

4.30am - Officers attend the sudden death of an elderly female. No suspicious circumstances.

6.36am – Officers attend an incident at Peel Street, noisy party/ASB. All quiet on arrival.

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9.33am – Officer returns to the area of Peel Street and locate a man who had fallen off his pushbike, taken to hospital due to a cut to his forehead that required treatment.

11.16am – Report of male in breach of his CBO (criminal behaviour order). Neighborhood Policing Team will follow up.

11.18am – Suspected stolen motorbike recovered, offenders had tampered with the registration plate and re-painted it.

1.18pm – Caller reports her two sons went to ASDA this morning and they left their scooters outside. Whilst in store they were stolen. 

Inspector Hughes said: "Did you see anything at around 9.15am – 10am?

"Described as purple handle bars, black handles with a metallic rainbow colour, a rocket fuel stunt. The other is an Invert stunt FS2 in chrome.

"CCTV covers the area of the theft and inquiries are ongoing. Incident reference B112204."