A family run fine art gallery in North Wales has launched its 2022 summer exhibition featuring over 50 Welsh artists. 

The Oriel Glasfryn gallery is situated in Caerwys just off the A55 and is the only independent art gallery in North East Wales. 

The gallery is owned and run by husband and wife Dave and Lise Roberts who had the lifelong dream of opening a gallery that showcases Welsh artists. 

The Leader: Lise Roberts and Dave Roberts Lise Roberts and Dave Roberts

As well as showcasing Welsh talent the gallery is also the first in the UK to exhibit the work of Alla Chakir, Roman Nedopaka and Oleksandra Davydenko, 3 Ukrainian artists who are currently living in Wales.

This gallery opened in April 2022 and the couple has now opened up the hall to launch their 'Summer Exhibition' which runs from July 25 until August 29. 

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This exhibit utilises a variety of settings such as a Victorian drawing room, the dining room of Glasfryn Hall, the gardens and the contemporary gallery space. 

The contemporary gallery space features works exclusively from Welsh artists including; painting, jewellery, ceramics, sculpture, glass, textiles, wood and metalwork.

As a successful landscape artist himself, displaying Welsh talent was important to Dave Roberts and the couple were suprised by the amount of talent they discovered locally. 

Mr Roberts said: "There is the talent across all mediums, people from Wales just appeared."

Despite only having opened for just over three months the couple have over 250 artists on a waiting list. 

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Supporting local independent Welsh businesses is another priority for the family and can be seen in the 'Horsebox cafe' situated on the lawn. 

Set overlooking the beautiful Clwydian Hills the Horsebox cafe, which is actually a renovated horsebox, is run by Mr Roberts' daughters and serves Welsh tea, coffee, cakes and ice cream. 

The Leader: Horsebox CafeHorsebox Cafe

The couple aim to make fine-art accessible and non-intimidating for those visiting.

Mr Roberts said: "We wanted to keep it fine art but affordable fine art not a high-end exclusive gallery."

Items at the gallery range in price from £10 up to to £5,000. 

Describing the atmosphere of the gallery, Mrs Roberts said: "It's the feeling of a deep breath and calm to take it easy for a few hours and have a feeling of escape."

The Leader: Oriel Glasfryn Gallery lawnOriel Glasfryn Gallery lawn

"The last two years have been really hard for so many people", say Dave and Lise. “Artists and craftspeople have suffered particularly badly, as they are almost always self-employed, one-person bands who struggle to get their work out there at the best of times.

"Few have been eligible for any kind of financial support during the pandemic and with all the outlets for their work closed and customers staying at home during lockdown, things have been tough.

"If Oriel Glasfryn Gallery can help create new opportunities for some of them to promote and sell their work, then we will have achieved something special.”

The summer exhibition includes work by Darren Edgley, Jenny Ford, Jan Gardner RCA RWSW, Alice Frances, Aniela Jones, Gareth Jones PSA, Richard Morris, Jane Morrow, Rebecca Parrin, Jane Samuel, Ruth Thomas RCA, Valerie Thompson, Ian Walmsley and Roger Young.

The exhibit is open Wednesday – Saturday 10 – 5pm , Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday 10am – 4pm.

The gallery welcomes guests of all ages and guests are encouraged to look at art as well enjoy the beautiful views on the lawn. 

This debut exhibit marks the first seasonal exhibition hosted at Oriel Glasfryn however they plan to launch a winter and summer exhibition in the hall every year alongside the permanent gallery.