Accessing dentists in North Wales seems to be the biggest problem, despite new plans to make NHS dentist check-ups every 12 months. 

The change was announced earlier this week in an attempt to cut the coronavirus backlog and make it easier for people to see a dentist.

The six-monthly check-up method was branded 'outdated' by Wales' new chief dental officer Andrew Dickenson. 

He added that the new plans would allow practices across Wales to see up to 112,000 new patients a year. 

Concerns still remain, especially from North Wales MS Sam Rowlands who says he is inundated with messages from constituents regarding difficulty accessing dentists in the region. 

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He said: "I obviously welcome any plans which may help ease the backlog in NHS dentistry and really do hope that a move to yearly check-ups will help people in North Wales.

“However, this is all well and good, and it seems to be the right approach but I am still receiving emails from constituents contacting me regarding their difficulties in accessing NHS dentists in North Wales.

“It seems to me at the moment that dentists, whilst seemingly happy to offer the private care, do not perhaps seem happy with the NHS contracts that the Welsh Government have put in place, because they are simply not offering their services through NHS work.

“Years of chronic underfunding and lack of planning has led to this problem and people are being forced to pay thousands to go privately or take extreme measures themselves. It is about time more money was made available for this service as people in North Wales deserve better.”

A number of the Leader readers have revealed their struggles too. 

Steve said: "People can't even see a dentist after three years, never mind six months."

Sharon added: "It's an 18-month wait now in my dentist for an NHS check-up."

Tina said: "Can't even get a new NHS dentist, my regular dentist left the practice and now it's gone private so I'm looking for a new one."

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Dentist shortages have been a concern across the region, with hopes being pinned on a new dental school in Bangor set to produce the next generation of dentists in North Wales. 

Meanwhile, Welsh Government is expecting to see an increased number of practices sign up to the new scheme. 

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “A key factor behind the dental reform is to allow more flexibility for our dentists, as well as our patients.

“With this new approach, dentists will have more time to provide people with the personalised care they need and free up space to take on new NHS patients.

“More than three-quarters of NHS dental practices have signed up to the new contract, and we expect this number to increase in time.”