AS THE UK sits down to watch some of this year’s most highly anticipated shows, such as Stranger Things and Love Island, connectivity provider TalkTalk has released a new report into the nation’s TV viewing habits.

The research reveals three quarters (75%) of Wales consider sitting down to watch TV with their loved ones as “family time”.

The latest TV figures reveal the average adult currently spends 2 hours 42 minutes watching TV each day, which begs the question what do people choose to watch and when?

“What to watch” receives 40,500 Google searches across the UK each month alone, so TalkTalk surveyed 2,000 UK respondents to uncover the nation’s viewing habits.

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The research found that Wales’ Top Five Genres are:

1. Drama (31%)

2. Comedy (18%)

3. Thriller (17%)

4. Documentary (16%)

5. Sport (13%)

While drama is the favourite among the nation (22%), it’s also the most preferred genre for Welsh residents, with nearly a third putting this in their top three (31%).

It appears the region has a varied taste in what they watch with their top five reflecting a wide range of genres. While nearly one in five (18%) opt for a comedy, thriller sits close behind (17%) in third, as documentary (16%) and sport (13%) round off the mix.

What does Wales Watch for Different Moods and Scenarios?

When the Welsh are going through a break-up, it appears they prefer to cheer themselves up, as nearly one in five (17%) will watch a comedy, while one in ten (11%) will sing-along to a musical instead.

On the other hand, when they’re on a first date, the most preferred option is a spot of romance to set the mood (13%), while one in ten will choose the complete opposite and watch a horror instead (11%).

Interestingly, when the region can’t sleep, one in ten (10%) will try and tire themselves out by watching others run around in the action genre, followed by adventure (7%).

Likewise, if they’re spending a rainy day inside, action is again the top choice by one in ten (12%). 

Love Island is NOT Wales’ Favourite Reality TV Show 

When it comes to reality TV, 80% of Wales say they watch at least one reality show.

Surprisingly, Love Island, which is one of the UK’s most spoken about reality shows, doesn’t make the top five and places seventh overall.

This year's show has featured a North Wales representative in the form of Gemma Owen, who is the daughter of former footballer Michael Owen.

The Leader:

PIC: Gemma and Michael Owen.

But it is I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! - which also previously featured in North Wales - which takes the crown with more than one third (34%) saying they watch the star-studded adventure.

The Great British Bake Off and it’s delicious cakes places second (30%), while Gogglebox sits close behind in third (28%).

Find more information about what Wales, and the nation, like to watch and when here: