Wrexham's Police Inspector has given his most recent update on what his team has dealt with in the city.  

Wrexham City's policing team dealt with 46 calls on Monday, which Inspector Luke Hughes described as 'calm'. 

During that time they have dealt with a number of welfare concerns, a car sale scam and served a closure notice. 

Inspector Hughes said: "The last 24hrs in the “city” have been quite calm I am pleased to say, it appears we have had a total of 46 calls for service."

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Some of the incidents that Wrexham Police dealt with include:

8.25am – Report of an abandoned motorbike in the area of Edward Street. Officers attend and locate a bike subsequently confirmed as stolen from Gerald street. It is recovered for forensic examination.

12.02am – Report of missing male – he resides in a HMO and has not been seen for a few days, soon located safe and well.

12.54pm – Call from a member of the public with concerns for a work colleague not seen for a while, same outcome.

3.45pm – Third abandoned 999 call of the day… sometimes these are pocket dials, sometimes children playing on a phone, however, all require review in case it’s genuinely someone in need of help, please lock your phones and move out of reach of children if you still have a landline.

4.16pm – Male reported causing a disturbance at a local doctor’s surgery, officers attempt to try and diffuse the situation, additional support needed to help the male, however, should this behaviour persist prosecution will certainly follow…

5.29pm – Officers called to assist with a civil dispute that appears to be getting out of hand.

6pm - Officer assist hospital staff to locate a female that they have some concerns for, returned to hospital for appropriate treatment.

6.12pm – Call from concerned member of the public who has attended an address to purchase a car he has seen online, he has paid £100 to secure the vehicle attended the address and the occupant genuinely has no idea about the vehicle… sadly a scam and we believe the third time the address used for this purpose. 

Inspector Hughes added: "Please be careful online, never pay a deposit without first knowing who the seller is and that they actually are in possession of the item for sale.

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10.20pm– Fourth abandoned 999 call, this time from a four-year-old child.

11.27pm – Male and female seen together despite an order preventing contact – enquiries ongoing to locate the male who made off.

5.53am – Abandoned call – music heard in background

5.54am – Abandoned call – muffled noise

7.03am – Abandoned call…. 


"General incidents including three domestic disputes and damage.

"We also attend at an address of jubilee road – a closure notice is served and an application will be held at court today to seek a closure order. 

"The location has been plagued by antisocial behaviour and residents have had enough."