THE MP for Delyn has branded the devolution of Wales as a 'disaster' ahead of the 25th anniversary later this year.

September 2022 will mark 25 years since Wales and Scotland both held a referendum which saw a majority of voters choose to establish the Senedd (National Assembly) and Scottish Parliament respectively.

Speaking at his last ever Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday July 20, Boris Johnson said that he wanted “devolution to work”.

That was in reply to Independent Delyn MP Rob Roberts giving his thoughts on the matter, as he called devolution in Wales 'a disaster'.

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He said: "Mr. Speaker, in September it will be the 25th anniversary of the referendum on devolution in both Scotland and Wales.

“One in 20 people in England and the NHS have been waiting for more than a year – in Wales, that’s one in five. And school leaders in Wales 75% of whom say that they don’t have enough capital to maintain their existing buildings regardless of building the others.

“In his final opportunity at the despatch box, will the Prime Minister and the Minister for the Union agree that in terms of Wales at least, devolution has been a disaster?”

The Leader:

PIC: Departing Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson replied: “I want devolution to work. I think and I’ve had some good conversations with Mark Drakeford.

“But the devolved authorities, particularly labour in Wales, need to do their job properly.”

Mr Roberts' remark led to anger from local Plaid Cymru councillors.

Cllr Carrie Harper of the Queensway ward in Wrexham took to Twitter to say: "We know the Tory's are anti-devolution but to have this MP in particular lecturing anyone about disasters is a bit rich."