ANOTHER SCHOOL year has come to an end with teachers and children across Wrexham and Flintshire getting ready for the summer holidays.

This means that it’s that time of the year when parents and children get their heart felt messages in to say thank you to the teachers who have really made a difference this year.

We asked parents to post their messages of thanks to teachers in the area who deserve a shout out and have compiled some thank you messages as another academic year comes to a close.


Louise Haggarty said: “This is my daughter Lily and her fantastic teacher Miss Davies. She is leaving Alexandra School in Wrexham to go and work in London. I just want to thank her for looking after my daughter this past year and doing an amazing job. Good luck in your new job in London.”

The Leader:

Hayley Butler added: Ysgol Acrefair and St Christopher’s, both amazing schools. All teachers are amazing for what they do and give our children.”

Samantha Thornhill posted: “Miss Hughes and Miss Haynes from EE at Gwenfro School, they have done an amazing job with my daughter, Alana.”

Sam Alli said: “We would like to thank Miss Kelly (TA Year 5 Ysgol Bodhyfryd) she has been a fantastic care giver and supporter for my daughter who has additional needs this year. She is a superstar, and my daughter will miss her over the next six weeks – thank you!”

Zayley Marles added: “My boy is going from Borra’s nursery to start at Alexandra Assessment unit as he’s autistic, and without Mr Jones’ help and support we wouldn’t have got to a place where he needs to be. Thank you to all the staff at the school for helping to support Finley.”

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Katie Jones said: “Mr Hope at St Christophers – amazing. Thank you so much. Lovely teacher, have a great summer break, Zak will miss you lots!

Taylor Bex posted: “Mr Peters, Miss Millington, and Miss Birtbeck at Acton Park Juniors for getting our Carys high school ready. The whole staff have been great throughout, hope they all have a well-deserved break.”

Mum, Sally-Ann Hughes even wrote a heart-felt poem for her son’s teacher as he prepares to start reception.

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Natalie Tarry posted: “I would like to thank ALL teaching staff. The extremely challenging job you do is one that is not really understood until you are in the profession. Adding covid to the mix- as well has meant you probably didn't know whether you were coming or going. Having so many things to be accountable for at the same time as just wanting to teach.”

A full list of thank you messages can be found in the comments section on our Facebook page.