WREXHAM Lager has officially unveiled its latest beer to its loyal followers today (Wednesday, June 20).

The business has been teasing the launch of it's new pilsner for quite some time, with customers eager to find out more.

Now, they have added the 4.6% 'Club Pilsener' to their ever-growing list of products.

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It is the first beer produced by Wrexham Lager in around two years and is brewed with German premium malt.

Wrexham Lager say Club Pilsener, which it describes as the 'Champagne of Lagers' has a 'taste you won't forget'.

You can watch the official launch video for it here ...

The Club Pilsener is now available at the CarniBoar Steak House in Wrexham, the Fat Boar in Wrexham and Mold and the Hill Street Social Club in Wrexham.

It will soon be available online and in store also.

The hugely-popular Wrexham Lager Company follows a brewing tradition that first started in the town nearly 140 years ago.

Founded as a Bavarian-style brewery in the 1880s, the enterprise enjoyed many years of success. But its fortunes waned, and in 2002 the brewery closed.

Now owned by the Roberts family, Wrexham Lager is again being made at a state-of-the-art brewhouse.

The brewery’s use of online marketing and social media is also helping attract fans far and wide, and its links with Wrexham influencer Karl Phillips (aka ‘Bootlegger’ or ‘The Captain’) in particular have helped create a legion of fans.