Members of the public have been thanked for their support on the one year anniversary of a police information service.

Just over 12 months ago, North Wales Police launched its community alert system, where residents can find information about recent incidents and crime prevention advice relevant to their area.

Inspector Wesley Williams said: "It felt right to mark this anniversary by saying a big thank you for your continued support, because without you we will not be able to deliver an effective service to our communities.

"Keeping you, your family and friends safe will continue to be our priority.

"We want to continue to work tirelessly with our partners to tackle issues that are having the greatest impact on you.

"I once overheard someone saying, 'It's not that I haven't got the answer to problems, sometimes I need help to understand what questions I need to ask first.'

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"I feel that they were right - we need your support to be able to ask you the right questions to hear what is going on to solve problems.

"This is why I am reaching out for your support so that you can help us to help you.

"I am seeking your support by asking if you would kindly encourage your neighbours, friends, and family to join us on Community Alert.

"Or if you have any opportunities to promote Community Alert with us to enable us to all work together to make some significant difference.

"Every new member is a new voice, an extra set of eyes and ears within our communities that we can engage with, share localised alerts to keep you all up to date with what is going on.

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"Keeping you informed about local trends, concerns and good news stories will go some way to put interventions in place and prevent things from happening.

"Likewise, we want to hear from you as well. So please take a moment to advise others about Community Alert, consider your friends, family, colleagues, customers throughout the day."