A FLINTSHIRE resident has told of how losing weight helped save her life as it led to her receiving a cancer diagnosis earlier than she might have otherwise done.

Lynda Kelly, from Ffynnongroyw, had struggled with her weight for the last 15 years or so, trying numerous diets without success.

The 59-year-old joined the Holywell Slimming World group in May 2021 and this was something which later led to a life-saving moment.

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Lynda, who lives with type two diabetes, said: "Finding Slimming World really was the positive turning point in my life. I was welcomed by Anth the Consultant who explained how the plan works and invited me to sit through a session.

"I listened to peoples reasons why they had joined Slimming World and then he asked me my reasons for joining.

"I wanted to reduce my medication for Diabetes and to be a lot healthier. My BMI was 35 and I had always wanted to get that lower as well. Anth weighed me at the end of group and I was shocked to find what I weighed realising it was the heaviest I have ever been. Anth really reassured me and set me off for my first week”.

Lynda went on to lose a stone in just two weeks before a life-changing moment took place in December 2021.

The Leader:

PIC: Lynda Kelly from Ffynnongroyw.

It was at that time that Lynda was called for a mammogram.

Then, in January 2022, she received the letter to go for a review in Llandudno breast clinic, she had a further mammogram and was shown an X-ray that shook her world.

She added: “I was told I had breast cancer by the consultant, he was concerned about my loss of weight since my last mammogram, I had lost 4st 11lbs by this point.

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"Then I explained that I’d joined Slimming World. The consultant said it would have gone undetected had I not lost the weight, and by my next mammogram in three years time it would have possibly been too large and could have meant a possible mastectomy or been inoperable, but as I lost the weight it was found in time."

In February 2022, Lynda went on to have surgery before radiotherapy followed in May and she is now in recovery.

In April, she achieved her target weight having dropped five dress sizes to 10/12.

Lynda said: "Having joined Slimming World May 2021 I am now healthier, fitter and have much more confidence than ever before. I have put my Diabetes into reverse and most importantly had a cancerous lump removed which would not have been found without me losing my weight.

"I couldn’t have done it without the full support of my family, friends both old and the new friends I made at my Slimming World weekly sessions."