RESIDENTS in Wrexham are growing increasingly frustrated at the wait times they are facing when it comes to getting dentist appointments.

Members of the Wrexham Town Matters group on Facebook publicly raised their concerns as one lady was told she would have to wait until December to be seen.

Sarah Jones said: “I called my NHS dentist today, waiting until December for a standard check up!”

Similarly frustrated local, Rachel Carolyn added: “My dentist said that unless there’s a reason to have six-month check-up, the check-ups are now every 12 months, they base emergencies on pain.”

The build up of anger has left many feeling as though the issue of dental appointments is seemingly a particular issue in the Wrexham area and across North Wales as Jennifer Jones added: “We moved from an area of Derbyshire, coming back to Wales it was impossible to find a dentist on the NHS. We continued with our dentist in Derbyshire. Yes – it’s a two-hour trip but it’s worth it.”

Sian Matthews said: “I keep phoning for an appointment for my daughter (a child) with her NHS dentist and I kept getting told ‘we’re not doing check-ups yet due to covid’, now they’ve turned around and said because she hasn’t been seen for two years, she’s been taken off the books.”

Peter Greensmith, acting assistant director North Wales Dental Service at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, said: "We acknowledge that post pandemic there remain issues with accessing dentistry across North Wales, in line with those seen nationally in Wales.


"Patient recall intervals will be based upon the oral health and issues of the patient. In line with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance patients in good oral health will be recalled for routine check-ups every 12 months. Those whose condition requires will be seen more often, with the goal to move to 12 month recalls when orally fit and able to do so.

"The Health Board has commissioned additional access sessions for non-urgent access and has increased the number of urgent dental sessions available to those who require them following a call to NHS 111 and appropriate triage.

"The Health Board has asked dentists to see patients based upon need and urgency to allow for best use of the available capacity within the system."