THE Bargain Hunt team returned to North Wales in one of the episodes aired this week.

Christina Trevanion and her team took to an antiques centre in Wrexham during the episode shown on Monday, July 11.

As always, the red and blue teams faced off against one another in a bid to make a profit from their purchased items.

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The teams had one hour to find three items worth up to £300. Host Christina set them a challenge of finding an item containing coloured glass (red team) and an item containing clear glass (blue team).

Both teams were also tasked with finding one 'big spend' item each, worth upwards of £75.

The red team was made up of father and son duo David (retired) and Ed (a Maths graduate) who were joined by expert Jonathan Pratt.

In the blue corner were mother and son pairing Lisa (data analyst) and factory worker Luke who teamed up with expert Tim Weeks.

The Reds began by taking a look at some chess sets before moving on to some 'beautiful' paperweights.

However, the first item they purchased was a traditional oak stool, believed to date back to the 1880's/90's. They bought it for £18. 

The Leader:

PIC: David and Ed were on the red team. Picture by BBCBargainHunt/Twitter.

A glass lamp of a cat sleeping on a pillow then caught the eye before securing item two which was a stunning bronze sculpture of two boxing hares, resting on a stone plinth. 

Described as a 'good decorative item', the small statue was bought for £95 and counted as their 'big spend' item.

The red team's third and final buy was a decorative glass vase. Made in Czechoslovakia, which was well-known for its coloured glass production in the 19th century, it was bought for £13.

Ed and David were 'very happy' with their purchases which amounted to £126.

The blue team began their search for items by taking a look at some old wooden suitcases and some silver.

But it was an early Edwardian bon-bon dish dating back to 1901 which would end up being their first purchase for £32.

The Leader:

PIC: Lisa and Luke of the blue team. Picture by BBCBargainHunt/Twitter.

They then spotted an art-deco French calendar featuring a Bambi-style deer, as well as an old billiards poster.

But it was a job lot of eight glass bottles which they secured as their challenge item. The bottles featured embossed names of locations on such as Ludlow, Chester, London and were bought for £20. 

With the pressure on to find the big spend item, Lisa and Luke secured a Chinese-style porcelain jadriniere for £75 as their third and final item taking their total spend to £127.

In between the hunt for items and the auction, host Christina took some time out to talk about North Wales' locomotive history.

She spoke of how Frank Hornby had started a revolution of model railways just over the border in Liverpool.

In the early 1900's, these were 'very sought after' toys for children.

Christina also met with keen collector Phil who displayed some of his model trains and railway sets. 

The Leader:

PIC: Christina meets model railway enthusiast Phil. Picture by BBCBargainHunt/Twitter.

There was then sadly very little joy at auction for either side come the end of the episode.

The red team made a total loss of £39, with expert Jonathan's bonus buy sugar shaker also flopping.

It was a similar scenario for the blues as their jardiniere made a loss of £65 and the bonus buy item sought out by expert Tim - the French calendar - losing a further £35. That left the blues with a total loss of £112.