A STYLE queen made a fashionably fabulous visit to Flintshire to talk about her new book.

Style guru Susannah Constantine, of What Not To Wear fame, visited The Mold Bookshop to talk about her forthcoming memoir - Ready For Absolutely Nothing.

It is a tale full to the brim with extraordinary anecdotes. From lavatory dramas with Princess Margaret, to behind-the-scenes power struggles between Margaret Thatcher and the Queen at Balmoral and eye-opening sex club etiquette with pop royalty - her social landscape has been nothing, if not varied.

But appearances are deceptive and beneath it all, life had a darker side: her mother's bipolar disorder, her father's inability to cope and her own subsequent alcoholism. Somehow, she had to forge her own life away from the expectations of others.

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Susannah said: "When I set out to write this book, I thought I knew what it would be. But the process has revealed so much more.

"It has given me the freedom to recall anecdotes from my life: some funny, some painful, but all of them show that despite everything, I was brought up to be ready for absolutely nothing."

Caroline Johnson, from The Bookshop Mold, added: "Susannah's visit was a lovely surprise and she entertained us with some of the humorous anecdotes from the book. I can't wait to read it."

Susannah began her career as a teacher, then went into PR, fashion and finally journalism. After a regular makeover slot on This Morning with Richard and Judy, she and Trinny Woodall joined the BBC to host their own hit show, What Not To Wear.

Ready For Absolutely Nothing will be published in September. It can be pre-ordered from The Mold Bookshop at the special price of £18. Phone 01352 759879 or visit the website www.mold-bookshop.co.uk