I went to explore the charity shops of Mold to see what sorts of interesting items I would be able to buy. 

According to yell.com, Mold is home to 13 different charity shops supporting a range of different charities including Save the Children, RSPCA and age UK.

For some people, charity shops may conjur up images of musty clothing, unuseful bricabrac and used furniture. 

However, as a strong believer in the sustainable wonder of charity shops, I set out on a mission to find some interesting items for all ages, all for under £10. 


The first shop I visited was Save the Children, based just off the top of Mold High street. 

On speaking to the shop manager, I found out all of the staff at the shop were volunteers and some had been volunteering there for over 20 years. 

The Leader: Save the children MoldSave the children Mold

The shop was beautifully organised and easy to navigate as a customer, boasting a range of high end and budget recycled clothing as well as ornaments, art and children's toys. 

I was amazed with the huge selection of crokery, glasses and ornaments and the extremely low prices items adonned. 

For example this ornament of a small dog which came with a low price tag of just 30p.

The Leader: Dog ornament Save the childrenDog ornament Save the children

The shop also contained a range of children's toys so would make a good destination for parents looking to treat children on a low budget. 

This giant unicorn teddy, which appeared to be in excellent condition, was available for just £3.

The Leader: Pink Unicorn Save the childrenPink Unicorn Save the children


When I asked staff for their most unique donation they brought me a treasure trove of vintage tools, that had actually been donated that very morning. 

The Leader: Tools from Save the ChildrenTools from Save the Children

The manager informed me that some of the items probably couldn't be sold, however she has some vintage collectors that often purchase out of the box items.

A very rusty plant potter anyone? 

Next on my journey I headed over to Tenovus which is based on the Highstreet. 

Tenovus is a cancer care charity that has its headquarters in Cardiff and supports those with cancer and the friends and family members. 

After an initial look around, I spoke to the shop manager who helped point me in the direction of some of the most interesting and sought after items in the shop. 

There was a real mishmash of items on display - it really lived up to the saying "one person's rubbish is another person's treasure."

The shop manager and assistant pointed me in the direction of two vintage tin containers, one for laxatives and one for toffees. 

The Leader: Metal tins from TenovusMetal tins from Tenovus

The containers held a somewhat expensive price tag of 1.99 per tin which compared to other items seemed slightly expensive. 

However, I was told that these tins often flew right off the shelf, being a favorite with memorabilia collectors. 

The shop boasted a whole range of items from famous welsh love songs, to a lovely collection of owl ornaments. 

The Leader: Welsh folk songs from TenovusWelsh folk songs from Tenovus

Finally on my journey through the charity shops of Mold I came to Age UK. 

Whilst this store was smaller than the previous stores it was abuzz with people, a credit to its location in the hub of the high street. 

What caught my eye was a family fun game called 'poo head' as I hadn't seen this game before. 

The Leader: Poohead Age UKPoohead Age UK

At just 99p I felt it would be a shame not to buy this game as I am sure it would come in handy for Christmas and barbeques! 

Overall, after visiting three charity shops in Mold, I feel it's safe to say that if you are after something unique, sustainable and at a low price tag, they are the place to go.

Moreover, the money you spend in store goes towards a good cause. 

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