A Wrexham officer has urged anyone considering applying for a role within North Wales Police to seize the opportunity.

The force is actively recruiting for PC roles, with a campaign currently running across NWP social media channels.

Sgt Dave Smith began his own policing career as a Special with Cheshire Police in 2009, prior to transferring to North Wales as a PCSO three years later.

A spell working for Merseyside Police in Birkenhead followed, before he transferred to Wrexham’s response team in 2017.

Sgt Smith said: “I’ve got so many happy memories of working in different forces, but North Wales Police has always felt like the best fit for me.

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“NWP are not a metropolitan force, working here it feels like more like a one-unit family team.

“You get to know people in this organisation very quickly and, from a personal point of view, the support is always there when you need it.

“Coming from Flintshire and with my friends and family living in the area, I suppose I had a vested interest in working with North Wales communities and trying to make that difference.”

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Sgt Smith added: “Some people might have reservations about joining – whether it’s concerns about hostile situations, dealing with traumatic incidents, or maybe the person feels their physical fitness is an issue.

“I think that kind of self-doubt is natural and probably something a lot of new recruits feel early on.

“My advice would be to give it a go because the support is there from the outset and it is ongoing.

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"It’s not a traditional 9 to 5 role and every day can bring new experiences and situations, which can be challenging.

“But policing is a hugely rewarding career and there are so many avenues you can pursue once you’re recruited and established within your role.”