Jasmine Burkitt, a BBC reality TV star, has died at the age of 28.

Jasmine appeared on the BBC Three documentary series Small Teen Big World in 2010.

She was born with dwarfism in Colwyn Bay and appeared on the show alongside her mother, Bev Burkitt, who also had dwarfism and died in 2014.

Ms Burkitt was engaged to Lewis Burke, with whom she ran a Facebook blog.

Mr Burke paid tribute to his fiancé on their shared blog, announcing Jasmine had passed away on Monday “after a lifelong battle with a very serious mental illness.”

He continued: "She is the most incredible human that ever walked this planet, she is the strongest, funniest, most kindest and purely decent person I've ever known.

"I am truly devastated. She changed my life forever and I'll never be the same."

The pair had been living in a tent in Bodelwyddan with their dog Loki and had been documenting their lifestyle on the blog after struggling to get council accommodation.

The introduction on their blog page, Join our Journey, reads: "We're a differently abled couple who happen to live in a tent outdoors, in the UK.

"Although this wasn't really our first choice, we are still determined to remain happy and productive throughout!! We are turning our homelessness from something negative to something positive."