TWO dog groomers have stepped up when no one else would to help treat a dog with suspected dementia.

The 15-year-old dog, who had recently escaped in Connah’s Quay was subject to negative comments about his appearance and had been turned away by groomers for his aggressive behaviour.

The dog was in desperate need of a groom; resulting in a Shotton and Mold dog groomer coalition to help him.  

Jemma Birch from K-9 Heaven Grooming Parlour in Shotton and Esther Nieman from Fur & Nails in Mold, treated the severely aggressive dog to a shave, a full groom, a bath, blow dry and a nail trim and admitted it was challenging but glad they could help.


Jemma, who has a H.N.C in animal management and behaviour joked: “You had to move quick, or you’d lose your finger!

“We potentially saved that dog’s life. He was in a bad condition, but we are both proud that we managed to help when no one else would.

“From experience, I think the dog had dementia because of the sudden behaviour change as he would be a sweet boy and suddenly attack.”

In a post on their Facebook page, K-9 Heaven said: “He will feel lighter now. Underneath you are a sweet boy, and we will see you again in 6 weeks.”

Esther, of Fur and Nails in Mold said: "There was a post made on Facebook about a lost dog. Someone had found him wandering. The picture that was posted was of a schitzu in a terrible state, matted, dirty fur from head to toe, and you could bearly see it's face from the grot that had built up. It was in a real sorry state.

"Jemma and I both made comments on the post about being more than happy to help out this dog, once the owner had been found. That was when we found out that the dog had been turned away from every groomer the owners had booked him in with."

"All he needed was patience, a kind hand and soft words. There were moments he was so chilled out, that he lay down to let us groom him"

"It felt wonderful to see him all clean and fresh. It is a fantastic feeling to complete the job, and make the animal comfortable. As soon as we returned him home after the groom he was shouting for his Sunday tea, with a waggy tail!