The owner of Wrexham’s favourite kabab shop has been awarded a trophy after winning a local kebab shop tournament.

Chip-O-Dee was crowned Wrexham’s favourite kebab shop by food fanatics in the Wrexham Eats Kebab Shop Tournament, which saw them compete against 15 other takeaways.

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In the tournament, each takeaway had an emoji representing them, and the public was able to vote on the Facebook page with the emoji that represented their favourite.

Thousands of votes were cast on the Wrexham Eats Facebook page throughout the tournament.

Chip-O-Dee came out on top and owner Haci Deniz has received a trophy to commemorate the win.

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A Spokesperson for Wrexham Eats said: “We are very proud to have Chip O Dee on the Wrexham Eats app, they are a breath of fresh air to work with.”

Haci Deniz, the owner of Chip O Dee, previously said: "I'm very happy. We've been open two years, (and) I am lucky. We work hard and I won best kebab shop and I'm so glad for my nice customers for it."

Wrexham Eats allows locals to order food from takeaways across the county. Most recently added was Hungry Inn Chinese which only allows people to order online and get their food delivered through Wrexham Eats. They are the fourth local Chinese to join Wrexham Eats, with plenty of other cuisines from restaurants and takeaways across the county to choose from.