A neurodivergent entrepreneur has completed his PGSE at Glyndwr University despite pandemic difficulties. 

Benjamin Morgan-Jones, aged 26, recently completed his PGSE qualification which he studied predominantly at home throughout the Covid pandemic. 

Whilst undertaking his studied Mr Morgan-Jones also set up a non-profit organisation called Up-Grade alongside his wife Lowri Morgan-Jones.

The Leader: Benjamin Morgan-Jones Up-GradeBenjamin Morgan-Jones Up-Grade

The company provides academic support for disenfranchised individuals in higher education such as those with neurodivergent issues and socio-economic difficulties. 

Mr Morgan-Jones, who lives in Minera, Wrexham, found compulsory schooling challenging struggling with his own neuro-developmental disorders.

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He said: "On the page I have Autism and ADHD It really had an impact on my through my life, I failed school because of it [...] I wasn't able to speak until I was about eight years old". 

His school years were troubled with bullying, social isolation and learning challenges.

Mr Morgan-Jones found being able to explore more independent learning in college and University led to him discovering a love for learning and academic writing.

He said: “University for me is where I really came out of my shell and I left with a first class. So I really wanted to support others in their studies in a way that I wish I was.”

The company Up-Grade provides academic skills supports in the form of weekly workshops around academic skills and academic one to ones with students involving assignment proof-reading.

The Leader: Benjamin Morgan-Jones Up-gradeBenjamin Morgan-Jones Up-grade

As part of a pilot project the company has recieved £10,000 of community lottery funding. 

They will be working alongside the North Wales charity KIM Inspire that provides high quality mental health support and reocvery in the community. 

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Benjamin may be an alumni however he is not done with Glyndwr University just yet and has a collaborative project upcoming over summer which aims to help neurodivergent participants transition into higher education.

He said: “I didn’t think I had an academic bone in my body, but you would be surprised what you can achieve with the right support and a clear vision of what you want to do.”