A Flintshire artist has uncovered a decades old piece of work that seemed to predict his future.

While redecorating at his childhood family home in Holywell, Jeff Cummins came across some of his old drawings on a wall, hidden under layers of wallpaper.

Originally drawn by creative, sci-fi loving 10-year-old Jeff, and inspired by iconic 60's TV shows, they feature The Man From U.N.C.L.E. logo and a Dalek from Doctor Who.

Jeff, now 68, went on to enjoy a career that saw him produce book and album covers, and posters, featuring some of the most biggest names in TV, film and music, since the 1970s, including Doctor Who.

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He said: "I kind of knew it was there, my sister had discovered it a few years ago but then it got wallpapered again.

"So when me and my wife moved back and decided to redecorate, I said to the decorator 'go easy with the steamer'. It was quite nice, and very of its time."

A self portrait by Jeff Cummins, aged about 10-years-old.

A self portrait by Jeff Cummins, aged about 10-years-old.

So was young Jeff allowed to draw on the walls? He said: "Because I was so voracious in as far as needing to draw, my dad would let us do it between decorating, so I was looking forward to seeing it again."

The future of the drawings are undecided, with Jeff's wife not being the biggest fan of the time-travelling Doctor!

Fans can check out some of the artist's work later this month at Chester Comic Con, as he guests at the event on Sunday, June 19, from 10am, at Chester Racecourse.

Jeff has created work for Sci-Fi Monthly, Radio Times, the BBC and even Sir Paul McCartney. A collection of his work, and the stories that go with them, are to feature in a new book, The Invisible Artist.

To order a copy of The Invisible Artist by Jeff Cummins, visit www.candy-jar.co.uk or to checkout more examples of Jeff's work, visit his website - jeffcummins.wixsite.com/jeff