Wrexham Council is ‘considering’ staging a fan zone event in the city centre this winter for the World Cup following Wales’ qualification.

Wales booked their place in Qatar following a 1-0 win against Ukraine in Cardiff on Sunday night, ending an agonising 64 year wait to appear on the world’s biggest stage.

Over the last 12 months, Wrexham has undoubtedly become the hotbed for Welsh football in the wake of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny’s ‘Hollywood’ takeover of Wrexham AFC, which has led to calls for a fan zone to be erected this November in the city in a bid to support the nation.

When asked whether this would be something the council would consider, a council spokesperson said: “This is something we are considering in light of the result on Sunday.”

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The concept of a fan zone coming to Wrexham for the World Cup has been met with a mixed response with concerns being raised about the temperature that time of year as well as causing independent businesses to potentially miss out.

Glenys Jones from Wrexham said: “Why not? People can always wrap up against the cold. I am not a football fan, but many are, and as long as people behave in the correct manner I can’t see why not. (It would be) good for Wales.”

Whilst Danny Evans added: “I’d like to see one per North Wales county.”

Not everybody is in favour of the proposal as Richard Watkin argued: “Absolutely not, terrible idea. It will be cold, it’s November. My advice is to get yourselves into the warmth of the local pubs and bars.”

There has also been calls for Wales matches to be screened at the Racecourse Ground, home of Wrexham Football Club. The club have been approached for comment.

Wales kick off their 2022 World Cup adventure against the USA on November 21.