A FIRM supporter of Wrexham's city status bid was "delighted" to see a banner he had made up a decade ago to celebrate the milestone finally displayed.

Bob Gray, known to many as Mr Wrexham, ran an electrical contracting business named Gray's Electrical Services for around 50 years in the town.

Mr Gray, now 89, has always taken a keen interest in Wrexham and its future.

He supported the previous city status bid around 10 years ago and believed in it so much that he had a banner created which read "Welcome to the City of Wrexham."

The bid at that stage was not to be, but he remained hopeful that it would one day come to pass - and kept hold of the banner for the occasion.

The Leader: Bob GrayBob Gray

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Now, after the announcement in recent weeks that city status has been granted, his 47-year-old son Dave Gray, has had the banner put up.

Dave, who runs The Foundry in Yorke Street, said: "Dad has always been very invested in Wrexham - he's always wanted it to be the best place it can be and he's always talked it up.

"He had the banner drawn up and was very disappointed when Wrexham didn't get it (city status) ten years ago.

"But he kept it, knowing the town would be in the running again.

The Leader: The banner Bob had made, now on display in the townThe banner Bob had made, now on display in the town

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"And even though he's retired now and hadn't been very well, he's delighted that Wrexham has fulfilled its ambition.

"I was able to put the banner up on his behalf on the ring road.

"It makes him happy knowing Wrexham is always progressing and he loves to be told what's happening.

"He's always had confidence in Wrexham and I think he's been grateful for all the opportunities it's given him over the years - coming from a poor background to creating his own business and buying property in the town."

The Leader: Dave GrayDave Gray