A SOON-TO-BE Thai takeaway restaurant is counting the costs after vandals caused flooding to part of its and a charity shop's premises. 

The Thaidee, in Buckley town centre, was targeted by what is thought to have been a group of youths on Monday evening. 

The perpetrators climbed onto the roof of the restaurant, based in the old Natwest building in Buckley shopping centre, smashed a window and managed to turn on a tap inside the building. 

The Leader:

The tap was left running for around 12 hours, causing considerable damage to the Thaidee premises and the Nightingale House Hospice charity shop in the unit below it. 

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It has caused thousands of pounds worth of damage. 

The Leader:

The Thaidee, which has exisiting restaurants in Flint and Queensferry, hasn't even opened to the public yet - and has already been targeted twice by vandals. 

The latest incident has left the business on a "knife's edge". 

The Leader:

Owner, Martin Lovell, told the Leader​: "It's a real blow to us. 

"Overhead costs are already mounting, it'd be hard enough to open without this added thorn in the side.

"Truthfully, if we knew about the existing problems of youth-related anti-social behaviour in Buckley town centre - we wouldn't have taken on the lease on the building.

"It's a shame to have to say that, as the overwhelming majority of people in Buckley are really excited we're here and have been so supportive. But the future of this restaurant is really on a knife's edge now."

On the other occasion the Thaidee was targeted, youths kicked a hole in the firedoor on the roof of the premises.

The Leader:

"I'm led to believe that a child as young as 10 was involved the other day," Martin said. 

"It's hard to comprehend that a child so young would be involved in something like this. Where are their parents?

"Businesses in Buckley town centre are under attack and we need the police to step up and defend us. They know who the troublemakers are, and should be dealing with them appropriately."

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The damage done to the Nightingale's shop has meant it has had to close - with its roof having partially collapsed due to the flooding above it and other water-related damage.

The Leader:

The shop will be closed until further notice whilst the staff and volunteers work with contractors clean up the flood damage and get premises in a fit state to reopen. Damage has been caused to the both the building and valuable donated stock on display in the shop.

Katie Roberts, head of retail for Nightingale House Hospice, said: “Our shops raise much needed funds so we can deliver our vital care to local people with life limiting illnesses. Over the past two years, just like many other retailers, we have closed for months at a time due to much needed Covid restrictions which hugely impacted funds raised, and we are now faced with yet another store closure due to mindless mischief.

"Acts such as this reckless vandalism are despicable - the repair works will cost thousands of pounds and we are losing the opportunity to raise funds every day the shop is closed. Vital funds which go towards patient care for our community.

"I kindly ask all our supporters to keep their donations for us ready to stock our shop when we reopen as we will need your support more than ever.”

Nightingale House Hospice provides free of charge services for individuals and their families living within north east Wales and the border areas who are living with a diagnosis of a progressive and/or life-limiting illness.

The Leader:

And they weren't the only businesses affected - with the Aspire to Inspire women's gym on the corner of the precinct also having more problems. 

Since it opened late last year, the women's gym has faced repeated issues with anti-social behaviour - with staff and customers even being spat at by groups of youths. 

In the latest instance, youths threw objects at the gym's front door and damaged fire extinguishers. 

People took to the Buckley Residents Group on Facebook to express their disgust at the incidents. 

The Leader:

One person said: "Saddened and sickened to read this. Nightingale House Hospice's shop work so hard to raise funds for the hospice to help and support the very sick."

Others described the perpetators as "vile", "yobs" and "horrible". 

North Wales Police has confirmed it is investigating the incident at the Thaidee as an act of suspected criminal damage.