A POLISH woman living in Wrexham fears she is being targeted in racially-motivated attacks on her home.

The woman, who lives in the Hightown area, says three times since January she has bricks and rocks thrown through windows of her home.

Other local residents, one a Bulgarian and the other a Portuguese national, have also suffered attacks on their property.

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"I'm really struggling, and I just want whoever it is who's doing it to stop because my kids are really afraid," the woman said. 

"The enormous stress caused by these events is causing me to have problems sleeping, and my youngest child does not want to sleep alone in their bed. We go to bed concerned every night that it will happen again."

She added: "It definitely seems targeted as it's the third time it's happened to me, and twice to my neighbours who are also foreign. It seems like a racial thing."

North Wales Police is investigating the incidents. 

Anyone who can help police identify the man in the video is urged contact them on 101 quoting reference number 22000289392.