Mindfulness sea glass art workshop

Join us at Mold Library on Wednesday, June 8 (2pm-4pm) for a fantastic Sea Glass Art Workshop. Learn about sea glass treasure and make your own piece of sea glass art to take home. For more information or to book your place, email sue.hipkiss@aura.wales

To find out more about other free Adult Community Learning Courses, email libraries@aura.wales

Storytime with Mama G during Mold BOOKfest

Celebrate books and stories with us at Mold Library with the fabulous Mama G during Mold BOOKfest, on Saturday, May 21. Mama G will be sharing stories every hour between 10am-4pm - come along and join the fun! Dress in your most fabulous costumes and Mama G will choose the winner at 3.30pm.

Signing awareness workshops with Makaton Signs

Join us at Broughton or Holywell Libraries for a two-week workshop suitable for parents with children aged up to three years.

Holywell Library May 18 and 25.

Broughton Library June 9 and 16.

Signing is a great way to support language and communication development. It also helps to reduce children's frustration and gives them an alternative communication method whilst their language skills are still developing. To find out more or to book onto a signing awareness workshop, get in touch via the following email address: amy.crowther@wales.nhs.uk

Weekly clubs at Aura Libraries

Join us for weekly sessions:

Colouring Club: every Monday 2pm at Buckley Library

Jigsaw Club: every Wednesday 2pm at Buckley Library

Craft and Chat: every Thursday 11am at Buckley Library and every Friday 10.30am-11.30am at Connah's Quay Library

Children's Craft: every Thursday 3.30pm at Buckley Library

Knit and Natter: every Monday from 10am-noon and every Wednesday from 2pm-4pm at Broughton Library, and every Friday 1pm-2.30pm at Deeside Library

Scrabble Club: every Thursday 2pm-4pm and every Saturday 10am-noon at Broughton Library

Digital Drop In: every Tuesday 2pm-3pm at Connah's Quay Library

Puzzle Club: every Wednesday 10.30am-11.30am at Connah's Quay Library

Chat About: every Tuesday 1pm-2pm at Deeside Library

Family History: every Thursday 2.30pm-3.30pm at Deeside Library

Drawing Club: every Tuesday 4pm-5pm at Holywell Library

Rhymetime at Aura Libraries

Buckley Library: Tuesday 10am and 11am, and Friday 10am

Broughton Library: Wednesday 10.30am and 11.30am

Connah's Quay: Thursday 10.30am

Deeside Library: Wednesday 11.30am

Flint Library: Wednesday 2pm and Friday 10.30am

Holywell Library: Tuesday 9.30am

Mold Library: Tuesday 9.30am and 10.30am

Baby Rhymetime:

Buckley Library: Friday 11am

Connah's Quay: Tuesday 10.30am

For more information or to book on to any of the above sessions, please contact your local library directly.

Babies and Books

We have Babies and Books sessions that take place every Friday at 10am and 11am at Mold Library, and every Wednesday at 2pm at Holywell Library. These sessions, aimed at babies aged 0-18months, are all about lap time bonding with your baby and sharing books and rhymes. The sessions also include extra special Bookstart resources. For more information, please contact Mold Library on 01352 703780, or email: mold.library@aura.wales or Holywell Library on 01352 703850, or email holywell.library@aura.wales

Grŵpiau Sgwrsio Cymraeg – Welsh Conversational Groups at Flint and Mold Libraries

Welsh Conversational Groups at Flint. Photo: Ginger Pixie Photography

Welsh Conversational Groups at Flint. Photo: Ginger Pixie Photography

Are you learning Welsh? Why not join us for our new weekly Welsh conversational group at Flint Library. The session will take place every Thursday at 2pm and is suitable for learners of all abilities. We also have an informal Welsh learners conversational group at Mold Library which meet on the third Thursday of the month at 2pm. These sessions are a friendly and relaxed space for Welsh learners and speakers to socialise and build confidence. A very warm welcome to all! For more information, contact Flint library on 01352 703737, or email: flint.library@aura.wales or Mold Library on 01352 703780, or email: mold.library@aura.wales

Join us for Ffrindiau Darllen/Reading Friends

Stay connected with one of our Reading Friends/Ffrindiau Darllen shared reading groups: not only are they a great way to share stories and discuss the wonderful world of books, they also offer a space for people to stay connected and socialise. These sessions are suitable for adults of all ages. Join us at one or more of the following sessions:

Reading Friends: first Tuesday of the month 6pm at Deeside Library

Ffrindiau Darllen Cymraeg for intermediate Welsh learners: second Monday of the month 2pm-3pm (Zoom session)

Reading Friends: second Tuesday of the month 2pm at Flint Library

Reading Friends: first Wednesday of the month 11am at Buckley Library

Reading Friends: first Wednesday of the month 2pm at Connah's Quay

Reading Friends: second Thursday of the month 11am at Mold Library

Reading Friends: second Tuesday of the month 1pm at Deeside Library

Ffrindiau Darllen Cymraeg for Welsh speakers and advanced learners: second Tuesday of the month 7pm-8pm (Mold Library/ Zoom session – contact Francesca for details: francesca.sciarrillo@aura.wales)

Reading Friends: second Wednesday of the month 7pm-8pm (Zoom session)

Children's Reading Group: last Thursday of the month 4pm-5pm (Zoom session)

To register for any of our online Reading Friends/Ffrindiau Darllen sessions, please email Susannah Hill at susannah.hill@aura.wales

Visit us on social media to view handy information about our services, events, and lots of book and audiobook recommendations.

From everyone here at Aura Libraries, thank you for reading, stay safe and we hope to hear from you or see you soon!

• Aura is a charitable, not-for-profit, organisation responsible for managing the majority of leisure, libraries and heritage services in Flintshire. Aura is owned by its employees and operates for the benefit of local communities.